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Contact your Charlestown Parks Staff


Marissa Knoebel

Director of Parks and Recreation


Marissa is our Parks Director and can help with any questions related to programming, events, activities, sponsorships, your ideas or feedback, facility rental, parks maintenance concerns, or any and all things parks related!

Assistant Dog Park Director: Izzy


Carrie Prince

Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator


Carrie is our Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator. Behind the scenes Carries puts together parks events and programs for all ages to the City of Charlestown. Have an idea you'd like to share for an event or sports program? Email Carrie!

Assistant to the Assistant Dog Park Director: Bosa


Dr. Treva Hodges

Mayor, City of Charlestown


Mayor Hodges plays an active role in helping to plan and oversee our Parks Department programming, and the Charlestown Parks Department falls under the purview of the Mayor's Office. You can contact her with your feedback or questions at anytime.

First Ladypup: Pepper

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